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Who Is Sunday Dapo Obembe?

Making sure your business thrive online is important to me

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I am Sunday Dapo Obembe aka SirPhren. A young and vibrant Nigerian in his late 20s. I was trained in Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, School of Nursing as a Registered Nurse and I earned my registered nurse certificate in the year 2016. Before that time, I had started blogging as a hobby.

About 6 months since have been into blogging, I felt more hunger to learn more about how things works on the world wide web. It was then I began taking courses both free and paid to make sure am up to date as far as internet is concerned.

Then I was just an ordinary Blogger that can barely design a Blogspot blog. But due to the rigorous training I subjected myself to, I can now design any kinds of websites either for business or organization from scratch and with the most popular CMS and Programming langues.  I do not only design websites, I can successfully implement SEO services and  Digital marketing services.

My love for the internet and world wide web has made me took a Diploma course at  American Internet Business School and currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I wanted to be a blog scientist, but now I want to be more!

I created Assist Blogger Academy to further help fellow and newbies into blogging and to make sure they start the career the right way and I have worked on numbers of websites and blogs.

Sunday Dapo Obembe

My Professional Skills Acquisition

To thorough know something, I subject myself to necessary training

The Institutions I acquired skills are; American Internet Business School, Udemy course, Coursera, Offline and some other online platfoms.

I have taken advanced courses on Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Blogspot. I also have a grounded knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3. I can successfully create any form of websites ranging from Business websites, eCommerce store, Online forums, Online Academy, personal websites etc. Not only that, I teach blogging and How to make money online.

Apart from designing websites and blogs, am also capable at doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for businesses, Digital marketing services such as SEM, SMO and social media marketing in general.


Making sure businesses survive and thrive online.

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I have what it takes to make sure your business thrive online in this computer age. My services are affordable and reliable which include; Website design, SEO and Website Management.