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As nurses,we need to find our way, improve ourselves in order to become a better nurse and portrait who really nurses are.

A lot of awareness and campaigns are being done to portrait who nurses are such as being caring, intelligent, humble, empathetic, passionate, zealous, courageous, good communication and critical thinking skills to mention but a few but the question is are we really portrait these qualities?are these qualities part of us?or are these qualities a matter of words?

Tips to becoming a better nurse in this century

The following tips we help us as nurses to be a better person, improve and promote our professionalism and render effective quality of care to our patients:

Becoming a better Nurse
Make learning to be part of you: As human beings , learning take place from conception till death. The fact that we have graduated from school or gain employment does not give us the authority to stop learning. Take courses related to your field,go for career trainings, engage in seminars and trainings even if it will take you to take money out of your pocket and pay for the registration fees, don’t always look out for free courses.

Your learning should also cut across other fields or professions such as law, engineering, accounting, politics, entertainment, current affairs and etc so that you won’t be at lost when you mingle with other profession. It is so sad,that majority of nurses are not familiar with the trend going on in the world. How many of us listen to news on radio or television, read newspapers? Just a few of us and these are those things that makes an individual to be current with what is going on around the World.

Be assertive: Assertiveness is a style of communication, sometimes we find ourselves angry and tend to shift aggression on other people during communication. Instead of being angry try to reflect back on your lives, approach things in a clear mind and communicate clearly. Never forget to have an emotional stability approach especially when things are not going the way we want it to be.

Be a team player: One makes a drop but a team makes and ocean. Work diligently with other medical teams (doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and etc) superiors, inferiors and colleagues down to the administrative, works and management staff. Never look down on anyone. Collaboration is the key to effective patient quality of care. Ask for help when necessary.

Be honest: Honesty is the best policy. Show honesty to your patients, their families, colleagues and other team members. Never promise what you can do.

Show empathy: As care givers,we must show empathy to our patients by putting ourselves into their shoes during their trials without experiencing the situation. Empathy is a powerful tool because it builds connection between the nurses and the patients by,they feel loved, supported and cared for when empathy is shown to them.

Engage in continuous education: This will improve yourself and professionalism. Don’t stop at RN alone, have your Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, Doctorate and Post Doctorate degrees are not a bad idea. Challenge yourselves as nurses every day.

Accept change willingly: Change is a constant in human beings lives, the more you open your mind to change and adapt quickly the more happy we be and be productive.

Do not discriminate others: Accept people the way they are regardless of language, religion, status, culture and always appreciate people. Give respect to whom respect is due to.

Have a good dress sense: Develop your personal dressing style, know your shoe size and color that fits you. Not everything you try on are good for you, dress appropriately for each occasion. Do not wear rumpled or shabby clothes to work or any professional occasion.

Learn to communicate clearly: As nurses,we need to communicate clearly with our colleagues,other team members, patients, their families and others in a clear and calm tone in order to have an effective communication which will improve the quality of care given to patients. Never shout on your patients, superiors, inferiors and students. When there are lapses, correct with love and patience.

Ways to becoming better nurse

Contribute to your community: Make a tremendous impact on your community through medical outreaches, environmental sanitation and etc. Take good care of yourself and your family by eating adequate diet, drinking lot of water, periodic medical check up, engage in recreational exercises, personal hygiene and lots more.

Have good technology skills: The world has turned to a global world where technology is making the world grow increasingly and contributes to the economic development of a Nation.

As nurses, we need to be abreast with new technologies skills which includes online charting systems, tele-nursing, health records updating, documentation and operating of machines such as dialysis machines etc which will help to improve the quality of care given to patients.

Participate in ward rounds: Ward rounds are an essential aspect of good-quality care with nurses playing a vital and central role as advocates,informant,organizer and empowering the team in providing quality care in patient management to speedy recovery. Know your patients, their conditions and treatment plan. Assemble all equipments needed for round, check medical and treatment charts and documentation before its commencement.

Be punctual: Punctuality is a crucial factor in all organizations regardless of the position you hold. Being punctual gives you respect, goal oriented and shows how professionalized you are. It also boost people’s trust and confidence in you.

  • Listen to news, read newspapers in order to know what is going on currently in the world.
  • Have a resilience power.
  • Cultivate good habits.
  • Use your smart phones wisely and productively.
  • Conform to moral principles and ethics of the profession.

Remember that we are not just nurses alone,but we have been trained to make it our profession,with tender meek on motion, blissfully showing the sick our affections irrespective of their conditions.

No matter where we find yourself or work always give it your best in providing adequate care for your patients till rehabilitation or a peaceful death.

I hope these tips help you in becoming a better nurse.

Written By: RN Olaleye Jemimah T (A.k.a Nursobroadcasto) Owner, Pink Salt Initiative


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