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Do you want to start blogging? Browse through my digital products for your usefulness. These eBooks can help you start your blog, Design your blog professionally and drive targeted traffics to your blog.

And, they are all affordable.


Start a self hosted blog

How To Start And Set Up Self-hosted Blog

How to start a self hosted blog

MY BLOG COMPANION – STARTING SELF HOSTED BLOG THE RIGHT WAY is written by Obembe Sunday Dapo (aka SirPhren).

You can’t successfully own and run a blog without you having at least, the basic knowledge of SEO, Keyword research, Ranking, affiliate marketing, Advertising and more. Without these knowledge, you may end up abandoning your blog in no time. Trust me, I have been there. That is why I write this book to be your blog companion.

The reason you should buy My Blog Companion – starting self hosted blog the right way

One good mentor that knows the way is better than hundreds of YouTube videos and eBooks combined.

You can decide to surf the internet for free resources. But do not be deceived, most of them will not have the time to coach you one-on-one to share their experience and guide you.

After reading an eBook or watching a video, you still need to tap from experiences. Experience is the best teacher. That’s what you will get!

When you buy this book from, I will personally take my time to coach you till am sure you can stand on your own with no extra fee.

What you will learn from this book

  • What blogging is all about
  • What you should know about wordpress
  • How to run a self hosted wordpress blog
  • How to set up your wordpress blog as a professional with zero coding skill
  • How to generate traffic and monetize it
Blogging Made Easy on Blogspot

Blogspot Made Easy (Beginner - Advanced)

Blogging made easy on blogspot

This Book provides a step-by-step guides to starting and mastering your blog on Blogspot. There is also diagrammatic representation of every steps. If you are thinking of starting your own blog, this book is for you.

The book costs N4000 ($12) but am giving it out presently for just N2000 ($6). Act now before I change my mind.

What You Should Expect from Blogging Made Easy On Blogspot

  • Introduction to blogging
  • How to set up your blog and make changes
  • How to understand your Blogger dashboard
  • How to do blogspot seo set up
  • How to set up mobile view of your blog (if your template is not mobile friendly)
  • How to choose your blog niche
  • How to write seo-friendly articles
  • How to drive traffic to your blog
  • How to rank blogspot blogs
  • How to monetize your blog

How To Make Blogger Blog Open On Glo

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50+ High DA Profile Backlink Generator

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