Features Of Legit Businesses You Should Know

Every LEGIT business has one key feature…Built around people’s needs.

Albeit, every money is made by someone offering/selling something/service to another.

Anything short of this is SCAM.

Every successful business/person you know… knows this.

  • Dangote sells his Sugar, Cement in exchange for your money.
  • Davido sells his musìc talent;
  • CR7 sells his footballing talent;
  • Mark Zuck sells advert spaces on his socìal media platform, FB.
  • A banker sells his most productive time – 8am to 4pm;

What service are you offering?

What are you selling?


If so, listen up!

Rewire your brain to STOP expecting something for NOTHING.

Then, go find something and offer people.. in exchange for their money.

Credit: Pat Origi

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