5 Things To Do For A Successful Blog Career

Things to do for a successful blog career

Good day bloggers. Are you really blogging? Are you taking it as a hobby or as a business? Are you thinking about starting a blog? Today, I will share with you 5 Things To Do For A Successful Blog Career.

I shared this topic in my WhatsApp group (click here to join), Assist Blogger Academy with fellow bloggers. Here you have the 5 things for a successful blog career.

Before you can have a successful blog, you need to start with the right idea. Which is the problem of most of us. We rush in to start making the money immediately.

Before you can dig goldmine in blogging, take note of these five things.

5 things to do for a successful blog career

 1). Blog consistently

Are you consistent with your blog updates? When you are consistent, you make sure you update your blog on how you have fashioned it out before starting. May be twice daily, five times daily or even three times a week.

Consistency is the DNA to mastery.

You can’t afford to be going on and off. Doesn’t work that way. Just take a look at a particular popular blog in your niche you would see that they keep up with their blog updates.

Map out plans for your blog goals and follow them up.

2). Learn how to generate constant content for your blog.

Remember, content is king. And will continue to be King.

No one is coming to read articles he has read on your blog for a second, third time. Without contents, your blog is empty.

To achieve this, write out your blog content action plans and MAKE SURE you follow them up.

3). Learn how to generate constant traffic to your blog

Have you heard, Content is king while Traffic is Queen.? Yes, it is!

Without traffic, nothing happens on your blog. No income for you and you won’t be motivated.

  1. What are your ways of getting constant traffic?
  2. Are your social media giving you what you need by making right use of them?
  3. Are you doing anything about your blog’s SEO?

To work on your traffic, create your constant daily traffic plan. (Expect an article on traffic generation soon).

  1. Work on SEO
  2. Work on social media handles
  3. Take traffic generation mastery class
  4. Understand what your audiences want and give them

Blog planner

4). Learn different ways to monetize your blog

It’s discouraging how people fully depend on AdSense to make money from their blogs.

There are plenty of ways you can make money apart from AdSense.

AdSense is a PPC (pay per click) scheme. Explore options such as affiliate market, sponsor posts, sell your own products, provide space for adverts etc.

If AdSense is all the option you have, your exit from blogging is very near.

What will you do if AdSense bans you? Give up?

5). Learn the key mistakes 95% of people make about blogging and how to avoid them.

Already written about something similar to this on Assist Blogger Academy. I called it Reasons why you may not be a successful blogger.

During your mentorship/coaching class, you would have known mistakes to avoid which is one of the reasons to attend trainings.

You may decide to do it on your own. Good! But don’t forget the part experience plays in life.

Now I have seen people sitting too long on free domain, afraid to learn more because of money, refused to attend trainings, seminars and all. See some great articles on Daily Guide blog.

The bitter truth: if you don’t upgrade in whatever niche you are, you will soon be extinct.

I just concluded a 12-week Digital Business Specialist class organized by American Internet Business under the tutelage of Dr. Ope Banwo just to make sure am relevant and know more. Expect the review of the diploma course soon.

Upgrade your knowledge by reading articles on your niche, attend webinars, attend trainings classes, workshops on blogging.

Wrapping up 5 things to do for a successful blog career

Want to be a successful blogger? Learn things that work. I hope this tips to have a successful blog help your blog career.

Should you need to attend my blogging class, you can contact me or drop a comment right down here.

Want to read more about blogging tips, SEO tips and make money online? Check Assist Blogger Academy for blogging tips.

Just like Dr Ope Banwo said, only those who take massive DAILY ACTIONS win.


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