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How To Build A Business Selling Online Courses

Author: Jessica Ruiz (TeachInGuide)

Topic: How To Build A Business Selling Online Courses

How to build a business selling online courses 

There are a lot of online learning platforms right now that offer online course creators great competitive packages. Online Course Creation is now considered as a legitimate full-time job that can financially provide for all your needs.

There is also no lack of the demand for online courses as the population of the world steadily increases. Online Courses are also becoming more and more convenient than the actual conventional method of going to the University.

According to statistics, the Global e-Learning Market earned over 165 Billion dollars in 2015. With knowledge of the existence of online education spreading, it is expected that the Global e-Learning Market will be raking in over 275 Billion dollars by 2022. Everyone now relies on the Internet for almost anything — information, socializing, communications, and even shopping.

For the majority of this current generation, the Internet is considered as a reliable source of education. This means that when you become an Online Course Creator, you will not have a hard time persuading people to sign up as students.

There are many benefits that come into becoming a full-time Online course Creator. Creating a business selling online courses is great. Now is the perfect time to become an Online Course Creator for two reasons.

Build a business selling online courses

 One reason is that Online Education and Online Learning Platforms are gaining leverage and audience thus will allow you to earn a lot. This could give you the option of resigning from your day job and becoming a full-time Online Course Creator.

Another reason is that because this is still a fairly recent new industry, there are still not much Online Course Creators. This is just like YouTube Vloggers back in 2016 before they became the hottest thing on the Internet.

You would want to jump on the bandwagon as early as possible before it becomes a closed market just like how YouTube does not exactly make it easy for new Vloggers to rise to popularity now due to fierce competitions.

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Speaking of YouTube, most of the early Online Instructors on YouTube have migrated from YouTube to other online learning platforms like Udemy. This is because YouTube financially compensates them only through ad revenue.

Online learning platforms allow Online Instructors to generate a much higher income as compared to Ad revenue. If you are now sold that you want to become an Online Course Creator,

Here are some tips on how to build a business selling online courses.

  • Choose A Marketable Topic

The biggest decision you have to make when creating an Online Course is to choose a topic that has these four aspects: relevance, something you are good at, marketable, and lastly, something you enjoy.

First things first, your topic should be relevant. It would be a waste of your time and resources for you to create an online course that no one would want to buy.

The next thing is that it should be on a topic that you are good at. What good of an instructor would you be when you, yourself, do not know much about your topic.

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